Direct writing Powerpoint files on iOS and OSX

LibPptx is a software framework/library that writes PowerPoint presentations programatically in OpenXML/PresentationML format. It doesn't require Microsoft PowerPoint or any other 3rd party runtime, combines an easy to use and powerful features. Library can be used to
  • generate a new pptx presentation from scratch
  • extract data from an existing pptx presentation
  • edit an existing presentation
LibPptx can help your applications in exporting and extracting data to/from PowerPoint files with minimum effort. Also it can be used as a report engine. Library can be used mainly in ObjectiveC and Swift on iOS and OSX systems. Supports PowerPoint 2007-2016 xml formats (pptx). Supports Unicode and 64-bit platforms.

Simple interoperate, no Office dependency

LibPptx has ObjectiveC interface and bridge to Swift. It could be also used from C and C++ code through GCC ObjC.

Rich OpenXML/PresentationML support

LibPpptx has the following capabilities, with many more on the roadmap:
  • Round-trip any Open XML (PresentationML) presentation (.pptx file) including all its elements
  • Add slides
  • Populate text placeholders, for example to create a bullet slide
  • Add image to slide at arbitrary position and size
  • Add textbox to a slide; manipulate text font size and bold
  • Add table to a slide
  • Add auto shapes (e.g. polygons, flowchart shapes, etc.) to a slide
  • Add charts (bar, line, pie, scatter, ...)
  • Add slide notes
  • Generating slide previews in png format
  • Access and change core document properties such as title and subject

Royalty-free distribution with your application

Our customers can use this library/framework in their commercial applications without any additional fees.

LibPptx code examples

A quick way to get started with LibPptx is by trying out some of the examples below to get a feel for how to use LibPptx

Hello World example

Example of title slide generated by LibPptx
#import "libpptx.framework/Headers/PptxManager.h"

@implementation SomeClass

-(void) generatePptx
   // point PptxManager to default.pptx (a template presentation)
   NSString *templateUrlAddress = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"default" ofType:@"pptx"];

   // for trial mode keep license and email empty
   PptxManager* manager = [[PptxManager alloc] initWithLicense:@"" andEmail:@"" andTemplate:templateUrlAddress];

   // retrieve pointer to Presentation from PptxManager to manipulate presentation
   Presentation* presentation = [manager presentation];
   // add slide based on layout 
   Slide* slide1 = [presentation addSlideWithLayoutId:2];
   Title* title = [[slide1 createShapeOfType:[Title class]] withText:@"Hello world!"];
   [[[[title getContent] withBold:YES] withItalic:YES] withSizePt:72];
   [slide1 addShape: title];
   [slide1 addShape: [[slide1 createShapeOfType:[SubTitle class]] withText:@"LibPptx generated this"]];

   NSString* savedLocation = [manager saveWithFileName:@"my.pptx"];
   NSLog(@"Your presentation has been saved to: %@", savedLocation);


More code examples are available in documentation